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"I showed a range of FX Graph's capabilities to my department last week. They were impressed. They like the simplicity and the versatility. Having used V2, this is a clear improvement. Graphing is one of the most popular technological activities in the department. We use things like Omnigraph, TI-Interactive and Geometer's Sketchpad and we finished by considering FX Graph as potentially being our main graphing software from next year."
J Fensom
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New Circle Points Feature

The same user that suggested the conic section tools also suggested this new feature. FX Draw 6.003.2 also includes a new feature which adds point to circles. Draw a circle and select it. When you right click on the circle … Continue reading

New Conic Sections Tools for FX Draw

These new features were inspired by a user suggestion (thanks MS). We have uploaded a new FX Draw (V6.003.2) that includes three new conic sections tools. These allow you to quickly and easily draw conic sections using the locus model. … Continue reading

New Line Division Feature for FX Draw

We have added a new feature to FX Draw. The new feature has been included in the 6.002.0 release. You can now divide any line by adding dividing points to the line. First select the line, then right click on … Continue reading

New Mac Versions

We have uploaded new Mac versions of our products. These new versions address two issues. 1. Recently we have received reports that the Connect To Word feature was not operating correctly. It transpired that Microsoft has recently modified how Word … Continue reading

New Feature – 5 New Angle Marks

This new feature has been inspired by a user request (thanks again Michalis!) We have added five new angle marking options to FX Draw. The new marks are designed to allow you to easily mark angles as congruent. The new … Continue reading

Why Is My Text Red? / Why Aren’t My Equations Lining Up?

Question: Why is My Text Red? OR Why Aren’t My Equations Lining Up in Word? Answer: When an FX Equation equation is inserted, it is inserted as a space, then the equation, then another space. The equation between the two … Continue reading

How Do I Get Rid of The X’s That Are Added To My Flood Fills?

Question: Whenever I use the flood fill tool, I get unsightly X’s added to the graphic. How do I get rid of them? Answer: The short answer is that you don’t get rid of them. They are part of FX … Continue reading

How Do We Update Efofex Products?

Question: How Do We Update Efofex Products? Answer: There are two components to this question: checking for updates and installing updates. Checking for Updates Many software packages regularly “phone home” to check for updates. This can either be done by … Continue reading

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