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"Would just like to say what a pleasure it has been doing business with Efofex. It is very refreshing in this day and age for things to run so smoothly and extremely quickly considering the you are in Western Australia and we are in (Europe) - marvellous."
S Bell
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25 Years in Business!

Efofex Turns 25! Efofex came into being in 1989 with our first product – Efofex. The Efofex product was eventually renamed FX Graph and Efofex became our business name. At the time we thought we were being very clever. We

FX ChemStruct 2 Beta Release

Efofex is proud to announce the release of the FX ChemStruct 2 beta. The main focus of this release is Mac compatibility. You can download a copy of the FX ChemStruct beta on our downloads page.

Centralised Licensing For Windows Networks

Centralised Licensing For Windows Networks If you have a network administrator that complains every year about having to re-license computers on an FX MathPack subscription, or if you spend months pleading to get your subscription updated, forward this email to

FX Chem 3 Beta Release

FX Chem 3 We have uploaded beta versions of FX Chem 3 for both Windows and Mac. A long time user of FX Chem 2 (and FX Chem 2 has been around a long time) recently said “I don’t know

Starting a Histogram at 0

Question: I was hoping you could tell me how to begin a histogram at 0. When I do a histogram the first bar starts before 0. I can change the width but can’t seem to change where the histogram begins. … Continue reading

Perpendicular Angle Marks Not Drawing Correctly?

Question: Why are these perpendicular angle marks being drawn as squares? I just want two lines. Answer: Although it is not obvious from your diagram, this is because you are drawing shaded angle marks and the shading has been set … Continue reading

Marking Angles

Question: The angle marking tool is not allowing me to mark the angle I want. How can I fix this? Answer: I think your question is relating to this situation – where you are trying to mark angle ABC but … Continue reading

How Do I Shade an Integral to the y Axis?

Question: How do I shade the area what formula should I put in? I have (y=x4+1, y=1, y=3) Answer: First, select the Integral Tool and sweep out an area – any area. Just click, move the mouse and release. Hover … Continue reading

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