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"You did it, again! FX Draw 5 came out just in time for me to painlessly continue with my project. My department Chair saw what I am doing with it. He was so impressed that he wants to get a copy for himself and possibly a departmental site license. It never hurts to tell somebody "you did a great job". You did."
C Odion
Texas USA
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Rotating 3D Axes in FX Graph 6

We have been asked why you cannot rotate the 3D axes in FX Graph 6 using the mouse. We did experiment with mouse-rotation but found, as we have found with all other 3D graphing implementation, that the result was very … Continue reading

FX Graph 6 Beta 2 Uploaded

FX Graph 6 Beta 2 Uploaded A big thank you to those users who have taken the time to test the new FX Graph 6. They have definitely found some errors (which is the whole point really!) but the comments … Continue reading

Efofex Invited To Harvard

Last week we got to see FX Bridge in Perth. This week, Efofex has been invited to Harvard! OK, that’s a slight exaggeration. Harvard has asked us to provide software under our EmPower program for one of their students.   … Continue reading

Perth Seminars Available

Moving Back To Perth – Training Opportunities After seventeen years being based in country Western Australia, Efofex is moving back to Perth. We are currently building new premises in Claremont that will be ready early 2016 but in the short … Continue reading

Why Is My Text Red? / Why Aren’t My Equations Lining Up?

Question: Why is My Text Red? OR Why Aren’t My Equations Lining Up in Word? Answer: When an FX Equation equation is inserted, it is inserted as a space, then the equation, then another space. The equation between the two … Continue reading

How Do I Get Rid of The X’s That Are Added To My Flood Fills?

Question: Whenever I use the flood fill tool, I get unsightly X’s added to the graphic. How do I get rid of them? Answer: The short answer is that you don’t get rid of them. They are part of FX … Continue reading

How Do We Update Efofex Products?

Question: How Do We Update Efofex Products? Answer: There are two components to this question: checking for updates and installing updates. Checking for Updates Many software packages regularly “phone home” to check for updates. This can either be done by … Continue reading

Using The Connection System with PowerPoint for Word

Question: How Do I Use the Connection System with PowerPoint for Word? Answer: As recently announced on our news feed, PowerPoint has started having trouble using our products as OLE objects (our traditional double-click to edit system). Until Microsoft fixes … Continue reading

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