Angle Marks

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FX Draw provides versatile and efficient angle marking tools.  The two tools provided are "One Click" angle marking and "Two Click" angle marking.  One click marking is highly efficient and flexible and will be the tool of choice in most situations.  Two click marking is more tedious but can mark some angles that are not accessible using one click marking.


Angle Marks can be drawn between any two intersecting line segments.  You can indicate the angle using points, arcs, the actual angle in degrees or radians, or you can add any text to the angle.





FX Draw needs to detect the lines you are using for your angle so you must have GAD on to use this feature.  If GAD is turned off, the angle marking tools will be greyed out.


One common misconception is that the angle tools will draw a complete angle including the two rays that define the angle.  They will not.  They will only add an angle mark to an EXISTING angle.


Depending on your current default setting, FX Draw will mark the angle with either a point, arc(s) or some text.  The angles are dynamic – they will adjust themselves as you move the line segments – they will disappear if the line segments no longer cross and reappear if you later move them so that they cross again.