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All constants can be animated.  Just push the animate button on the constant you wish to animate.




The constant will immediately start animating.  a will increase and decrease in steps of delta.



The second controller window allows you to control the animation.




The Number of Iterations slider controls how far from the "main" value the graph tool travels in the iteration.    The Animation Speed slider controls the speed of the animation.  The Reversing/One-Way button controls whether the animation goes


Up ... Down ... Up ... Down ... Up ... Down ... Up




Up ... Start Again ... Up ... Start Again ... Up ... Start Again ... Up



Brain Drain


Animating functions in the graph tool is very computationally intensive because the graph tool has so much to calculate each time.  Intercepts, maxima and minima, integrals, derivatives... everything is recalculated.  This means that on slower computers, the animations may not be as fast as you would like.


Stopping an Animation


You can stop an animation by clicking on the animate button again.


Animation with Multiple Constants


If you have more than one constant, you can change the other constants during the animation.  Try animating the c constant in y = ax2 + bx + c.  While the animation is running, change a and b.