Breaking GAD Links

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Imagine you have drawn the following diagram and FX Draw has created GAD Links for the figures as you have drawn them.




The second line is linked to the first and will move around with it.  You can break this link in two ways.


1.Move the point.  For example, if I pick up the red point and move it, the GAD Link to the midpoint will be broken.  FX Draw will not break the link until you have moved the point quite a distance however!




FX Draw keeps the perpendicular relationship but lets you move the end of the line from the midpoint.




You can move this end point to another geometrically interesting point if you want - the whole time FX Draw will keep the other relationship current.



2.        You can also break ALL of the links for a figure without moving it at all.  Select the figure



and press the Break GAD Links button




This will break any GAD links for all selected figures.