Why is My Text Red?

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When an equation is inserted, it is inserted as a space, then the equation, then another space.




The equation between the two spaces is lowered to line up with where the text is.




Why the spaces?  Because of a little quirk in Word.  If you manage to get your cursor in between the equation and the space, any text you type will be lowered (quite dramatically).  This looks something like this




Unfortunately, compared to the next text, the equations look as if they need to be lowered.  Our macros set the text color for this new text to bright red to make sure that you realise that you are in the wrong spot.  If you see red, STOP and move the cursor to the other side of the space.


The best way to understand this behavior is to have a bit of a play around with it.  Try typing on either side of the space to get a feel for what is going on.  We have found that customers do not have a problem with it once they understand it.