Centre & Two Ends

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This arc is defined by its centre of curvature and its two end points.


Drawing The Arc


Click AND HOLD the left mouse button – this defines the centre of curvature.
Move the mouse (while holding the button) to one end of your arc.  While you are moving the mouse, FX Draw will draw a light grey circle showing the current radius of the arc.




Release the mouse button when you are on one end of the arc.
Move the mouse - FX Draw will draw the current arc in a darker grey.




Click the mouse button when you are at the other end of the arc.



Minor and Major Arcs


If you select a centre/two ends arc, you will notice that there is an extra point on the arc.  A point you didn't define.



FX Draw automatically generates this point so it can be sure about which side of the arc to shade - the minor or major side.  You can move this point and change the side to suit yourself.