Changing All Default Fonts

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You can change all of the default fonts for all available objects in one place. This will not change the font of any existing objects, only new objects created from the defaults.


Changing the default fonts allows you to easily standardise on one font for all of your diagrams.


Go to the Tools menu and choose Change All Default Fonts...




Use the window to select a new font.


Using the tool in this mode allows you set a common default font family for all items (for example, I might want everything to be in Times New Roman) without affecting the size of the fonts. You might like to use this to keep titles large and angle marks small, but change the font.


If you also want to change the font size for all default fonts, place a check mark in the Modify Font Size box and select the font size you wish to use. This new font will be applied to ALL text in the objects, including things like titles of graphs. This is not always what you will want to do.