Changing Constants

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When the graph tool detects a constant in a function, it automatically adds a constant controller to the bottom of its screen.  FX  Graph adds one constant controller for each constant.




Let's look at a constant controller in more detail.  The first edit box allows you to explicitly set the value of the constant.  You can type in any value for the constant - including e or pi.  For example, you can set the value of a to be pi/2.  The slider allows you to modify the constant interactively.  As you slide the slider left or right, the constant will be incremented or decremented by the amount shown as delta.



The second edit box allows you to set the Delta for the constant - how much it changes each time you move the slider (or draw a family of curves or animate).  You can type any value in for delta - including values based on e or pi.





The final two buttons allow you to draw families of curves or animate a graph.  These are discussed in the next sections.