Changing the GAD Level

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Geometrically Aware Drawing is a wonderful tool but it does have some problems.  Firstly, sometimes you might not want to use it because it does suit your purpose.  You might like to use just the grid or you may even wish to turn off GAD entirely.  The second problem with GAD is that it is computationally intensive, so intensive that it can eventually bring even the most powerful computer to a standstill if you have enough figures on the screen.


To overcome these problems, FX Draw has four levels of GAD available.



FX Draw uses the mouse position for all actions


Grid Only

FX Draw draws everything to the underlying grid with no geometric analysis.


Limited GAD (Default)

FX Draw determines geometrically important points and relationships but as the number of figures increases, the range of things determined is reduced.  For example, after there are more than 15 figures, FX Draw does not calculate points of intersection.  This option allows for extensive use of GAD without the computational limit problems.


"Infinite" GAD

Sometimes you will want to use GAD regardless of the computational cost.  With this option, FX Draw will calculate all geometrically important points and relationships regardless of the number of figures in the diagram



The GAD level is selected using the GAD toolbar