Compass Arc

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When you use a compass to draw an arc, you place the point on the centre, set the radius and draw - just like the centre/end points arc tool.


The thing that IS different about using a compass is that with a compass you can keep the same radius to draw more arcs.


That is what the Compass Arc tool does.  It is a Centre/End Points circle that remembers the radius.


The first time you use the compass arc tool it operates in exactly the same way as the centre/end points tool.


The second and subsequent times, you just click on the centre of the new arc.  The compass arc tool remembers the radius and marks the circle so you can set the end points.



The compass arc tool will remember the radius for as long as it is selected.


You can force the compass arc tool to reset its radius by:


a)        Right clicking on a compass drawn circle.

b)        Right clicking on a blank part of the drawing canvas.