Drawing a Gallery Image

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Once you have selected an image, the right button allows you to draw it.  The right button will draw your selected image UNTIL you select a new image or restart FX Draw.


When drawing using a gallery figure, the drawing is stretched to fit the rectangle you have drawn.  This allows you to obtain differently proportioned shapes.  The gallery figures also depend on the direction you drawn them in.  All the diagrams below have been drawn with the one gallery figure.  The direction that they have been drawn has been indicated on each shape.




This ability to be resized makes each gallery figure extremely powerful.


Gallery images remember the aspect ratio (ratio of height to width) that they were originally drawn in.  In many situations you will need the image to stay fixed to that aspect ratio ESPECIALLY if the image contains circles.


By holding down the SHIFT key while initially creating the image, the image will be forced to maintain this aspect ratio.