Equation Toolbar

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FX Equation 4 has long had a toolbar to make entering some of the more esoteric equations a bit easier.  FX Draw 5 now provides you with the same functionality.




Each button provides you with access to FX Equation features.  You never HAVE to use the buttons.  All equations can be entered solely using the keyboard as discussed in Entering Equations


clip1150        Enters a degree sign        


clip1151        Allows entry of most mathematical symbols.        


clip1152        Allows entry of lower case Greek letters.        


clip1153        Allow entry of upper case Greek letters.        


clip1154        Allows the creation of many mathematical expressions.  Usually the current selection is affected.


clip1155        Allow for the creation of more complicated mathematical constructs such as limits, integrals and summation.


clip1156        Allows you to create numbers in circles which are useful for simultaneous equations        


clip1157        Matrices Vectors and Piecewise defined functions        


clip1158        Change the equation options.  The equation options are discussed in Equation Options