Four Corner (Elliptical) Arcs

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The four corner arc tool is the ONLY way to draw elliptical arcs.  When you first draw a four corner arc,  you can force the tool to draw a circular arc by holding down the Shift key as you sweep out the rectangle.  In common with many FX Draw tools, holding down the Shift key forces the rectangle you sweep to a square.


As you sweep out a rectangle, FX Draw will show you a light grey ellipse that your arc will fit on.




Release the mouse button and move the cursor to one of the end points of the arc you require.  Click and hold the mouse button while moving the mouse button to the other end point.




Release the mouse button to define the arc.




Minor and Major Arcs


If you select a four corner arc, you will notice that there is an extra point on the arc.  A point you didn't define.




FX Draw automatically generates this point so it can be sure about which side of the arc to shade - the minor or major side.  You can move this point and change the side to suit yourself.