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The polygon tool allows you to draw polygons that may be filled if desired.


When drawing a polygon, click the mouse button at the position you want each vertex to fall.  You should hold down the mouse button while moving the mouse, so you will be able to see the side of the polygon being drawn.  When you have completed the polygon, right click to end the polygon drawing process. This is most important, a polygon is NOT completed until you RIGHT CLICK.





Editing a polygon is different to most other figures.  If you right-click on a polygon, FX Draw will add or delete a vertex.  If you right click in the middle of a side of the polygon, FX Draw will display a dialog box that allows you to add a vertex – increasing the number of sides - or to add an arrow to the side.




If you click on an existing vertex, FX Draw will offer to delete that vertex – reducing the number of sides.


Available Parameters for Polygons







$s2                        Side lengths