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Native Word equations can only be rendered in Cambria font.  This is a restriction in Word rather than the equation tool.  When you set the equation tool to Target Word, you will not be able to change the font.


When the equation tool gives the equation to Word, it gives up ALL control over how the equation is rendered.  What you get in Word will not be exactly the same as what you saw in the equation tool.


Word has two modes for the display of equations.  They can either be "In-Line" which means that they are part of a line of text, or they can be "Display" which means that they sit in the middle of the page.  You can change from one to the other by clicking on the arrow near the equation.



When Word renders an "Inline" equation, it can significantly change the sizing and display of the equation.  Some customers find this disconcerting.  Again, this aspect of Word equations is outside of the control of the equation tool.