Selecting a Gallery Image

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When you push the right button to select an image, you will see something like this screen.




All you do is select the image you wish to draw and the gallery tool will draw that image every time you select it.


The galleries you have on your computer will depend on which galleries you have installed and any others you have created.  Efofex will create a library of galleries on our web site that you can use to expand your collection.  We will be asking for contributors to the library.


The gallery maintenance buttons allow you to create new galleries and maintain existing ones.  You can change the title of a gallery, move figures up and down in the gallery (changing the order) and delete figures.  This allows you to construct your own galleries.


The gallery and image descriptions provide you with more information about the gallery images.  The top pane shows a general description of the whole gallery of images.  The bottom pane displays a description of the currently selected image.  You can edit the descriptions by pushing the Edit buttons under each pane.  While the author of the gallery will have added any descriptions that they feel would assist you, you can add your own notes to any image or gallery.