Should I Change?

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OLE is old, buggy and Microsoft might decide to cease support at any time. Moving from OLE to Efofex Graphic IDs is an investment in the future. There is almost no downside to Efofex Graphic IDs. It is different to OLE but basically achieves the same result.


Having said that, OLE will be familiar to many people and we are certain that many will choose to keep on using it. If your workload is largely restricted to using our products in Word, on a Windows machine then this makes sense. For ANYBODY else, moving to Efofex Graphic IDs is the only practical choice.


Efofex Graphic ID products are designed to make the transition away from OLE as easy as possible, whether you choose to do it now or some time in the future. Every time you edit an OLE graphic, Efofex Graphic ID will tag the new image with an ID and save its data to the database. This is all invisible to the user, but will make transitioning to Efofex Graphic IDs trivial in the future.