Smoothed Line

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The smoothed line tool will smooth a mouse drawn line for you.


Most people have a great deal of difficulty drawing a smooth line with a mouse.  The smoothed line tool allows you to produce a smooth line without any mouse drawing skills!


Simply select the smoothed line tool and begin drawing.  FX Draw will automatically smooth the line for you.


The smoothed line options are shown in the dialog box below.




You can add arrows to the start, middle and end of the smooth line.  You can leave the line as a single line or make it double (like a road) or triple.  You can also close the curve.  If the curve is closed, it can be filled.


Please note:  Finding the middle of the smoothed line is computationally intensive.  Having a large number of smoothed lines with middle arrows can dramatically slow down FX Draw's response.


Available Parameters for Smoothed Lines