The Invisible ID

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We keep saying that every graphic has an "Invisible ID" but you might be asking what the ID is and what it looks like.


The products will show you the ID sometimes. For example, when a graphic is first loaded, its ID will be shown for a short period of time.




It is also shown in the History screen if you hover over a graphic.




Normally you will never have to deal with these ID's but they are how Efofex keeps track of each individual graphic.


The ID's are encoded into an almost invisible set of colors that are added to edge of images. These colors are not visible on most screens and printers will not print them. They are basically invisible. In this example we have made the colors visible so you can see what is going on.




When a graphic is loaded into an Efofex product, it finds these colors and decodes them back to an ID which it then uses to find the data behind the graphic. The ID's are encoded four times, once along each edge, which makes the system extremely robust.