The Lines

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Why so many lines??




Simply so you will always have the right tool for the job.


The first six buttons on this toolbar all produce lines.  Once drawn, they all have the same options.


If you right click on an existing line you be able to access all of the lines properties - and there are lots.


clip0417                clip0950



You have a choice of twenty-one arrow types for the start, middle and stop arrow.  You can also set the size of the arrows, the position of the middle arrow.  All of this is shown dynamically on the line at the base of the dialog box.


You can have FX Draw show the length of the line automatically (shown) with or without units.  Alternatively you can attach text/equations to the line.  You can angle the text.  When set to Automatic, FX Draw will use AutoQuate technology to automatically detect equations.


This can be used to good effect when drawing networks or to indicate measurements.

clip0239        clip0240

See Entering Equations on how to enter equations into FX Draw.


All lines have these options.


Available Parameters for Lines


$start                - start point

$stop                - stop point



$mid                - midpoint