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Efofex Teacher Resource Project

The Efofex Teacher Resource Project provides publication quality, exam ready questions (and fully worked solutions to licensed users) that you can freely use for tests, examinations, worksheets and presentations.

Questions are chosen to showcase our products, expecially FX Draw, and have links to videos showing you HOW we constructed the graphics.

Registered users also have access to the materials in an editable format with fully worked solutions (Microsoft Word docx). To access the editable versions, go to the Resources menu in any of our mathematics products. If you cannot see a Resources menu, you need to download a current version of the products.

The selection of resources will be constantly growing so check back often and sign up for our newsletter where we will be announcing new packages.

YesBearingsJanuary 1 2016Yes
YesMinimum Spanning TreeJanuary 1 2016Yes
YesGraphing QuadraticsJanuary 2 2016Yes
YesCircle Geometry (Multichoice)January 5 2016Yes
YesAreaJanuary 15 2016Yes
YesSpiral of Theodorus Investigative ActivityJanuary 20 2016Yes
YesQuad Quandary Investigative ActivityFebruary 2 2016Yes
YesThe Two Piece PuzzleFebruary 3 2016Yes
YesTwo Circle Venn Diagram ShadingFebruary 3 2016Yes

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