Efofex Teacher Resource Project - Acceptable Use FAQ

Who are the questions/materials for?

We are providing the materials for teachers in schools. If you are a teacher in a school (or similar context) you are welcome to use the questions/materials freely in just about any manner. Most other usages of our questions/materials are prohibited. In particular, you are expressly prohibited from using our materials in any context where the aim is to generate a profit.

Can I photocopy the questions/materials for use by my students?


Can I copy questions/materials and paste them into my own documents?


Do I have to include the Efofex Software copyright notice on my own documents if I have included some of your questions/materials?


Can I use your questions/materials to generate a profit?


Can I use the questions/materials on my website/PowerPoint presentation/Moodle...?

It depends. If your usage is within the context of a teacher of students at an educational institution, YES. If you want to use the materials for profit, NO.

I am a home-schooling parent. Can I use your materials?


I am a student and want to use your products for revision. Can I use them?

YES (but make sure to tell your teachers how good they are!)

Can I modify your questions/materials for my own use?


If I modify your questions, can I claim copyright?

It depends. If the modifications are substantial, YES. If the modifications are trivial or superficial, NO.

I am a professional tutor. Can I use your materials with my students?


Can I republish your materials?


I think that I might be able to use your materials but don't seem to fit any of your FAQs. What do I do?

Send us an email describing what you want to do (to info@efofex.com) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.