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FX Sketch is a freehand drawing mode for FX Draw. You can draw with your finger on a touch screen or using your mouse and FX Sketch will automatically transform your drawing into a high-quality mathematical diagram. FX Sketch is current in beta but is available in FX Draw.


FX Sketch is an alternative user-interface for FX Draw and you always have the full power of FX Draw available to you if you require it.


Here is a short introductory video.


Video - Introduction to FX Sketch Beta


General Hints and Tips

Draw big – large shapes are easier to detect.
Don’t draw too fast or too slow.
Don’t round off corners.
Keep it simple – the more complicated the shape, the less likely FX Sketch will be able to detect it. Use lines, circles, triangles, rectangles and arcs rather than trying to draw complicated diagrams in one sweep.
Use your finger or mouse. FX Sketch is optimised for the relatively low level of detail you get drawing with a mouse or your finger. Drawing with a pen can confuse it.
FX Sketch gives you access to most features of FX Draw but, if you really want control, FX Draw is the place to be.
Undo. If FX Sketch misinterprets what you draw, just undo and try again.
Compatibility. FX Sketch and FX Draw are two sides of the same coin. Anything you create in FX Sketch can be edited later in FX Draw and vice-versa.


The FX Sketch Screen



1.Drawing Mode. Your mouse will draw a line that will then be interpreted by FX Sketch.
2.Text Mode. Add text and equations to your diagram.
3.Select Mode. Your mouse can be used to select existing objects to edit them.
4.Object Properties. This button allows you to access the properties of the last drawn object or the currently selected object.
6.Dotted Line. Turn this on to draw a dotted line.
7.Line Width. Push this button to cycle through four line widths.
8.Pen Colors.
9.Brush Color Selection.
10.Clear All figures. This wipes the screen. Use Undo to reverse this if you accidentally wipe your diagram.
11.Green Check Mark. Places the current graphic on the clipboard and minimises FX Sketch. This is the same function as the Green Check Mark in FX Draw.
12.FX Draw. Return to the FX Draw interface. Your diagram will remain on screen.



Marking Points

Double click/tap in one location.



Marking Angles

A short line or curve in the corner of the angle.


Filling Regions

A small zigzag motion in the region to be filled.



Adding Arrowheads

A small V shape at the end or middle of a line.



Adding Congruency Marks

A small line across a line.



Adding Measurements

Draw a second line on top of the first.



Normal Distribution Curves

Draw a normal distribution curve



Normal Distribution Shading

Draw a vertical line on a normal distribution graph to add shading


Function Graphs

Draw two lines, as shown (order and direction do not matter), and you will be given the choice to change them to a function graph.

clip1542                clip1543

clip1544                clip1545


Adding Functions

You can draw lines, circles, parabolas and sine curves over a function graph and FX Sketch will graph the function for you. Your sketch of the function cannot go outside the bounds of the graph.



Statistics Graphs

Draw the indicated shape and you will be given the choice of converting to a statistics graph.



Venn Diagrams

Draw two intersecting circles of approximately the same size and you will be offered the option of turning them into a Venn diagram.