Master Parameter Commands

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Choosing the right values for parameters is the key to creating good parametized questions. Efofex provides lots of commands that allow you to choose values to suit your needs and learning how to use these commands is vital.



The pronumeral command is a little different to other commands as it does not produce a number. It allows you to create algebraic questions that have varying pronumerals.


Range and Rangeex

The range command is the most commonly used parameter command as it allows you to select a value from a range of values. Rangeex expands the command to allow for positive and negative numbers EXCLUDING the middle. Rangeex commands almost always exclude 0 and usually will also exclude 1 and -1. These exclusions make the creation of most algebraic questions much easier.


Creating Odd and Even Numbers

range(1,100,2) will select from odd numbers from 1 to 100. The increment of 2 makes sure that we only use odd numbers. Similarly range(2,100,2) will select from the even numbers between 2 and 100.


Prime and Primeex

Prime numbers are often crucial to algebraic questions and the prime command is often perfect.


Composite, compositeex, factor

These commands are less often used.



The list command is the "command of last resort". It gives you full control but the list can be tedious to write out in full.


Using List References

Make sure that you look at using list references. These are not simple to use but can be powerful.