Moving From Connections to Efofex Graphic IDs

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Connections was a system introduced into the first versions of Efofex products for the Mac. While the system was capable of handling cross platform situations, the technology had a number of flaws that prevented it from being a full solution to the issue of keeping track of the data for graphics. Efofex Graphic IDs are a far more comprehensive and robust solution to the problem and have completely replaced the old Connections system.


Should I Change?



Connections are no longer supported. The Efofex Graphic IDs system is SIMILAR to Connections but is far superior to the older system.


Converting All Images In a Document

The two biggest problems with the Connections system were:


1.        You had a second data file that you needed to keep with your document. This created a management issue if the two files became separated.

2.        The system could not always match an image with its data.


These two flaws also conspire to make moving from Connections to Efofex Graphic IDs a little more difficult.


The only way to move systems is to:


1.        Open the data file in the Efofex product. This will automatically load all of the images and save them to the database.

2.        You need to replace each image in your document with a new image generated in the Efofex product. This is to ensure that the images have an ID that Efofex Graphic IDs can use later on.