Toolbar Buttons Not Appearing (All Mac Users)

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You have installed one of our products on a Mac computer but no toolbars have been added to Word



Our products operate quite differently on a Mac computer and we do NOT add toolbars to Word. This is by design. Mac users should read the discussion on Using Efofex Graphic IDs to see how our products should be used on a Mac computer.



Our products were originally developed to integrate with Microsoft Word on Windows computers. The utilise a technology called OLE and the easiest way to access them using OLE was to add toolbar buttons to your copy of Word. OLE is the technology that allows you to double-click on an inserted graphic in order to edit it. This system has been used by some customers for over 25 years so feels very familiar.


There are two problems with OLE:


1.        It is simply not available on Mac computers and never will be. This is a decision that Microsoft has made and is totally outside of our control.

2.        OLE is inherently flawed and causes us lots of problems. We are constantly working around issues it creates.


Our new Efofex Graphic ID products allow you to seamlessly work around these two issues and we recommend that you read the discussion on Using Efofex Graphic IDs to understand more about the new system.