Creating, Editing and Using Graphics

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The main aim of our products is to produce graphics that can be inserted into other documents and platforms. Things like word-processors, presentation tools and websites. The problem with this is that it creates a separation between the graphic (the "picture") and the data that has been used to create the graphic, and might be needed later on to allow you to edit the graphic.


In the early days of Efofex products the main game in town was inserting graphics into Word documents on Windows computers and our products evolved to address this need. Luckily, Word for Windows has a technology designed specifically to allow you to include the data for the graphic inside the document itself. It is a very neat technology (officially called OLE) and is (mostly) very user friendly. Unfortunately, it does come with a number of major problems:


It is only useful on Windows.
It only works properly on Microsoft products (and not even all of them!)
It is "fragile" and might stop working at any time.
It requires modifications to your copy of Word to allow it to work efficiently.


The new Efofex Graphic ID versions of our programs allow you to keep using the old OLE system if you wish, but introduce a totally new way of using the graphics products that is much more powerful and useful.


It works on any platform (Mac and Windows, Google Docs, Moodle - in fact just about anywhere you might want graphics)
It is robust
Your data is automatically backed up to the cloud and synced with any computers you use.
No integration with Word (or any other program) is necessary.


For those of you who have been using our "Connections" system on a Mac computer - it is much the same process, with all of the kinks and inconveniences worked out.


If you are using OLE, we STRONGLY recommend that you move over to using the Efofex Graphic ID system.

Efofex Graphic ID completely replaces the Connections system that we introduced with our Mac versions

Using Efofex Graphic IDs

Using the Deprecated OLE System