Creating, Editing and Using Equations

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Our two equation products, FX Equation and FX Chem, are designed to produce high-quality equations as fast as possible.


There are three, quite distinct ways of using the equation tools.


Word On Windows

If you are only using Microsoft Word on a Windows machine, using the equation tools as OLE objects provides the best interface. If you choose to use the equation tools in this way, you will not be able to access the equations on a Mac machine. This usage is discussed in Using OLE Equations.


Writing Physically Large Equations (usually PowerPoint or Keynote)

If the equations you are producing are large (as they tend to be in presentation products) and do not need to be aligned with other text, you can use Efofex Graphic IDs to create and edit your equations. This will allow them to be accessed and edited on Mac computers. Small equations do not have enough room on their edges to encode the ID so Efofex Graphic IDs is only useful for these larger equations. This usage is discussed in Efofex Graphic IDs and Equations


Targeting (just about everything else)

The equation products can be used as equation translators. This allows you to enter equations using our high-speed systems, but then output them in formats that target various uses. For example, you can target LibreOffice's equation writer, Microsoft's internal equation system, LaTex output for use in things like Secta, Moodle or a number of other products. Targeting has the advantage of being extremely versatile and allows you to use the system on just about any computer. This usage is discussed in Targeting.