What is a Parametized Question?

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A parametized question is a Word fragment created with FX Equation and FX Draw objects. The FX Equation and FX Draw objects are connected to the same set of parameters. Parametized questions can contain just about anything you want - you have the full power of Word, FX Draw and FX Equation at your fingertips.




The parameters are "hidden" variables that can be modified to change your question. Any objects which share the same set of parameters can be updated automatically. This allows you to build complete tests and examinations that can have all of the numbers updated to new values at the push of a button. You should think of parametized questions as Word "building-blocks" that allow you to create highly flexible mathematical documents that can be regenerated at will. You can use parametized questions to create multiple versions of the same test; one for the morning group, one for the afternoon group and a third version for students who are away on the day. Every test can be written with fully worked solutions that also self-update.