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FX Draw (with FX Sketch)

FX Draw provides a comprehensive drawing environment designed specifically for mathematics teachers. There are specialized tools to draw (and freehand sketch) just about anything (mathematically) imaginable.

FX Equation

FX Equation lets you type mathematics, with limited use of your mouse, to quickly create equations. You can output to Word, LaTex, Moodle, OneNote and many more. No other equation editor comes close to the speed of FX Equation.

FX Graph/FX Stat

Two of FX Draw's most popular tools, function graphing and statistical graphing, extracted for use by students. Powerful graphing, dead simple, without the complexity of our other tools.

Science Tools

Type physics equations, type chemical equations, type chemical structures. Produce formatted output with minimal input. High speed, extremely capable.

Efofex Bridge

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Lots Of Videos

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New Axes Style Available

The latest versions of FX Draw (V7.003.7), FX Graph (V7.003.3) and FX Stat (V4.003.3) have added a new style of axes that can be used for any graph type. The new style removes all of the axes and just shows … Continue reading Read More

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