Absolute Value

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Absolute values are entered with the  |  key.  On most keyboards it is above the Enter key and shares the key with \.  To enter  |  you hold Shift when entering.


On some keyboards, especially languages other than English, this key is show as two vertical dashes - one above the other.





Absolute value signs are difficult for FX Equation because they have no "direction".  Unlike other brackets, you can not easily tell if | is opening a new absolute value or closing an existing one.  IF FX Equation interprets your absolute value incorrectly, you can use this code:


  |[                        absolute value followed by square bracket opens an absolute value

  ]|                        square bracket followed by an absolute value closes an absolute value


The square bracket will not be displayed - it is only used to indicate the direction of the absolute value sign.



fxe0125        is entered as    |[ (|[x]| - |[y]|)/2 ]|