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Efofex Software was formed in 1989 to provide software tools for mathematics and science teachers that allowed them to create the graphics that they need to create for their work. We provide tools that allow you to create just about any graphic required by a mathematics teacher as well as high productivity tools for chemistry teachers.


Our products first started as tools to produce graphics for insertion into Word documents that were later printed. As the teaching profession has started embracing technology, our focus has changed to producing graphics for use in just about any context, as well as providing a dynamic mathematical environment that can be used for student investigation and teacher demonstration. Our latest innovation, MultiDocs, provides teachers with the ability to create self-modifying Word documents that can provide hundreds of thousands of variations of a mathematical document - complete with fully worked solutions.


We are a proud Australian company providing high quality software to teachers and students around the world.


Efofex Software

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Claremont WA 6910



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