Cannot Find Efofex ID in Graphic

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Whenever you return to one of our products, they look at any graphic on the clipboard and try and find an embedded Efofex ID. They use this ID to find the graphic's data, either locally or online. So what does it mean if you KNOW that the graphic on the clipboard was generated with one of our products, but the product reports that it cannot find an ID?


If you see this message on a known graphic, it means that the embedded ID has been stripped or modified in some way.


The embedded ID is coded into subtly coloured semicircles on the edge of your graphic. Here is a graphic with the changes GREATLY amplified. Normally the embedded code is so subtle it is effectively invisible.




Graphics have the ID embedded on each of its four sides (for redundancy).


If the embedded ID has been stripped, it is almost always for one of two reasons.


1.        The edge of the graphic has been modified or cropped.

2.        The graphic has been compressed by your target program.


Specific situations are discussed in later topics.