Co(NO3)2 becomes CO(NO3)2!

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One of FX Chem's most useful features is its ability to capitalise elements for you.  This can save you large amounts of time when entering equations. Some elements will cause FX Chem problems.  For example, if you type co, FX Chem will ALWAYS interpret that as carbon/oxygen and change it to CO.  This, obviously, will almost always be a correct interpretation.  If you really want cobalt, Co, enter it correctly capitalised as Co and FX Chem will leave it alone.  In other words, if your compound contains ONLY lower case letters, FX Chem will capitalise it for you taking its best guess.  If FX Chem finds any upper case letters in your compound it will leave it as you wrote it.  That way you can always get the required result.


This issue can also affect Si compounds.