Controlling The Output of The Inline Calculator

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The inline calculator operates at between 6 and 10 decimal places of accuracy but normally, you will not want to display this number of decimal places. There are two separate ways of controlling the way display produced.


1.You can control the output of an individual calculation using the built in round, fix and sci functions. These will be discussed in the next section.
2.You can control the display of all calculations in an equation using the parameters definition screen.






There are four different output options.



Decimal display at the largest number of decimal places available


Rnd (Round)

Round the output to the indicted number of decimal places

eg 12.4456743 becomes 12.446 if rounded to 3 decimal places.


Fix the output to the indicated number of decimal places, padding with zeros if required. This is often used for currency.

eg 12.2025323 becomes 12.20 if fixed to 2 decimal places.


Display the result in scientific notation with the indicated number of decimal places in the mantissa

eg 135.32454577 becomes 1.354 × 102 when displayed with a 3 decimal place mantissa.