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Video - FX ChemStruct Overview



FX ChemStruct makes drawing chemical structures easy.  Drawing something as simple as acetic acid is a time consuming and tedious task but with FX ChemStruct all you have to do is:



Load FX ChemStruct
Type ch3cooh


FX ChemStruct takes this information and formats it into the structure above.  You never need to indicate what goes where - you simply type the structural formula.  Users of FX Chem will find FX ChemStruct very familiar - similar rules - different output.


FX ChemStruct cannot draw every chemical structure but it can draw the vast majority of chemical structures required by a secondary school chemistry teacher - quickly and easily.


FX ChemStruct can draw a wide variety of different styles of chemical structures - even drawing the structure with no bonds so the students can fill them it.



clip1251                clip1252