FX Equation

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FX Equation is an equation editor that takes the chore of formatting equations away from you.  It is for people who love the output from the modern equation editors but hate using them.  FX Equation automatically formats, with a minimum of input from you, just about all of the equations an average mathematics teacher uses everyday.


Video - FX Equation Overview


First a simple example:


If you want a simple equation in your document




normally you would have to load a large and cumbersome equation editor or type the equation into your word processor and manually italicise the variables and superscript the powers.  Alternatively you could load FX Equation and type




and press Enter.


FX Equation understands enough about equations to correctly format this for you.


Other examples of equations FX Equation can format include:




Limits                ga=lim(n=>inf)(sigma(k=1,n) 1/k- ln n)=0.5772  gives you                


Integrals        s(t) = s\0 + int |v(t)| dt   gives you


Vectors                (3,2) gives you


Fractions        pi/4 gives you