Group(column, number) / GroupN(column, number)

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These two functions are equivalent.


The Group function groups data in column into number groups.  The statistics tool will select appropriate group widths and in some situations it will not be able to divide the data into exactly number groups.


0-20                4

20-40                20

40-60                78

60-80                63                        This is the result of Group(A,7)

80-100                32

100-120        1

120-140        1


The number parameter is optional.  If it is omitted, the statistics tool will attempt to divide the data into 10 groups.


The group function is used to generate data for histograms.


Examples:        Group(A,10)                Group(B)        GroupN(c,4)


Note:  If you type decimals using a comma (eg 3,2) you should enter these formulae as Group(A;10) - using the ; as a separator