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ifnotsimple(value, value if not simple)


IfNotSimple is a convenience function that only includes text if a given value is not already simplified. It only has an effect when used with the Uns(implified) display style.


The most common usage would be to display a fractional result of a probability question. For example, you might have a probability question where the result might be 45/100. In this case, you might want to display the 45/100 AND the simplification 9/20. If the answer was 43/100, you do not need to simplify anything.


{ifnotsimple($f/$n," which simplifies to {simplify($f/$n)}")}


This command will result in


45/100 which simplifies to 9/20






depending on the values of $f and $n


If the overall display size is set to Uns