Manipulating Figures

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Selecting Figures

To select figures you must first select the selection tool.



Video - Selecting Figures

Selecting an individual figure

You can select an individual figure by clicking on it once.  With most figures you must click on the LINES that figure is comprised of.  FX Draw does not usually allow you to select a figure by clicking on the filled areas.


Selecting a number of figures

A group of figures can be selected by sweeping out a selection rectangle.  Any figure whose control points are within the rectangle will be selected.


All of the figures except the tangent on the left will be selected by the selection rectangle.


Adding or subtracting a figure from your selection

You can add and subtract figures from an existing selection by holding the Ctrl key whilst clicking on a figure.  If the figure is not already selected it will be added to the selection.  If the figure is already selected, it will be subtracted from the selection.  The use of the Ctrl key whilst clicking the mouse allows you to select exactly the figures you require.


If you wish to move a figure, click and hold anywhere within the select region and you can then move the figure anywhere on the canvas.


It is important that you become proficient in selecting, resizing and moving figures and it is worthwhile practising the skill.


Video - Moving, Rotating and Resizing Figures


Moving Figures

You must have the selection tool selected to move figures


Moving figures with the mouse

If you click on a figure, it will be selected and will then move with the mouse.  If a number of figures are selected and you click on one of them, all of the selected figures will move with the mouse.


Moving figures with the keyboard

Any figures currently selected can be moved with the keyboard.  The arrow keys will move the figures in the selected direction.


Holding down an arrow key will move figures 0.25 mm.
Holding down Ctrl and an arrow key will move figures 1 mm.
Holding down Shift and an arrow key will move figures 0.05 mm.


Resizing Figures

If you move a figure's control point, the figure will be redrawn to fit the new control points.  The result of moving control points depends on the figure.


Rotating Figures

You can rotate currently selected figures using the keyboard or free rotate using the mouse.


Rotating figures with the keyboard

Ctrl + Pg Up                        Rotates 15° anti-clockwise

Ctrl + Pg Dn                        Rotates 15° clockwise

Shift + Ctrl + Pg Up                Rotates 1° anti-clockwise

Shift + Ctrl + Pg Dn                Rotates 1° clockwise


Rotating figures with the mouse

When you select figures, you will usually see a rotate handle.




Grabbing and moving this will rotate the selected figures.


Not All Figures Are Rotatable!


Sometimes you will notice that the rotate handle will not appear.  This means that the selected figure(s) is NOT rotatable.