Multi Parameters (For Multiple Choice Questions)

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Multi parameters automate multichoice questions. They use references and add some special references to hold the answer.


We recommend that you download a sample multichoice question from FX Library so you can see the most efficient format for writing multichoice questions.


$p=multi(Correct,Incorrect,Incorrect 2,...)


The first value in the parameter must be the correct answer to the question. You can then have as many incorrect answers / distractors as your question requires.


Every time you regenerate, any parameters in the multi parameter will be replaced and the answers shuffled. This means that you can change both the answers and the order of the answers.


To use a multi parameter, you might write a question like "What is the square root of 9?"


Your parameter might then be




Where 3 is the correct answer and 9, 1 and 4 are the distractors. The correct answer MUST be first in the list.


In your equation you would then write


What is the square root of 9?


A.        $m[1]

B.        $m[2]

C.        $m[3]

D.        $m[4]


Note: You need to refer to the values in order. Do NOT shuffle the list yourself.


When you regenerate, your answers will be automatically shuffled so you might see.


A.        4

B.        3

C.        1

D.        9


You can access the correct answer to the question using the special reference, $m[A]


Answer: $m[A]


which, in this case, will be replaced with B.


You can also obtain the reference to the answer using $m[R]. In this example, the reference is 2.


You can include text in your answers using quotes.


$n=multi("Local Maximum","Local Minimum","Horizontal Point of Inflection")