Online Access Codes

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Every Efofex subscriber is given a unique, Online Access Code which they use to view lessons on FX Online. Your online access code is not directly related to your account name or account passcode. For example, your account details might be:


Registered Name: Yourtown High School

Passcode: 3RBD53


and your Online Access Code might be




You use your Online Access Code to log in to FX Online. Anyone you give your Online Access Code to will be using FX Online under your account and any page views will count towards your total.


In general:


Your registered name and passcode allow users to use our products on their computers. In most schools you will give these to teachers so that they can install the software.


Your online access code allows users to view FX Online pages under your account. In most schools you will give these to students - or more likely, provide them with links that have your online access code built in.