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Most powers will be automatically recognised by the equation tool.  The equation tool will not automatically recognise powers if


you require a variable as a power
you require a function as a power
you require a power of a number
you require a complicated power.


In these cases you need to explicitly indicate the power using the ^ symbol.  As with fractions, complicated powers need to be surrounded with brackets.  These brackets will not be displayed.




fxe0128                        is entered as x2

fxe0129                        is entered as a^m

fxe0130                        is entered as e^(sinth)

fxe0131                        is entered as 3^2

fxe0132                is entered as x^(2y+3)

fxe0133                        is entered as e^x2

fxe0134                        is entered as x^(1/2)