Reusing Old Questions

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One of the quickest way to create new parametized questions is to modify an old parametized question. You simply load in the old question, make a few modifications and you have a new question.


You might also create a problem!


Your new question will still be connected to the old parameters and any change you make to the parameters will eventually be propagated back to the old question.


What we need to do is to create a new parameter set for the new question so the parameters can operate independently. This process is called reparametization and is available through the Word toolbar.


Once you have copied your old question into a new document, IMMEDIATELY select any Efofex object in the question and push the Reparametize button.




Reparametizing will create a copy of the old parameters (with a new ID) and apply the new parameters to any objects in the document using the old parameter set. This allows us to create a new question without affecting the old one.