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The scattergraph allows you to display and analyse bivariate data.




Show Line


Allows you to turn off the regression line - shown as a solid line.



Show Residuals


Allows you to turn off the residuals lines - shown as dotted lines.

fxsclip0230        fxsclip0234

Show Line and Show Residuals ON                                Show Line and Show Residuals OFF



Join Dots


If you turn this option on, the stat tool will join the dots in the same order as they are listed in the table.  This usually just produces a "bird's nest" - especially if the data is unsorted.


fxsclip0235        fxsclip0237

Unsorted Data                                                Sorted by x Values


You can use this feature, providing you enter the points in a logical order, to construct just about any diagram you wish.



Regression Model


The regression model allows you to select which of the seven regression models the stat tool uses to calculate the regression line and residuals.