Seasonalise(column, cyclelen)

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Generates de-seasonalised data from column assuming a cycle length of cyclelen.


Seasonal data often shows cyclic variations.  This function removes cyclic variations and allows you to see the underlying trends.  Seasonalise analyses cyclic deviations and removes them.


Please note that the output of the seasonalise function is dependent on the System Options settings.  De-seasonalising data involves particularly localised procedures.


The parameters in the Seasonalise function are optional.  If they are omitted, the Seasonalise function will seasonalise whatever column is currently selected in the Statistics View and will assume a cycle length of 4.


Example:  Seasonalise(A, 4)


Note:  If you type decimals using a comma (eg 3,2) you should enter this formula as Seasonalise(A; 4)  - using the ; as a separator