Set As Default

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FX Equation keeps a "default" set of options for equations.  It uses these default options whenever it creates a new equation.  Once an equation is created, you can change that equation's options to suit your needs.  Changing an equation's options does NOT change the default options.


If you have a option that you ALWAYS change, it is much quicker to make your setting part of the default options.  This is very easy to do.


Create a new equation - it will be formatted with the default options.
Change the desired option.
Push the Set as Default button - your desired option will become the new default.



Notes for Advanced Users


The Set as Default buttons only affect the current options screen.  If you make changes on multiple screens, you must push the Set As Default button on each screen.


Defaults are stored in the user's private profile.  Every user gets to set their own options and defaults.