Some Digital Certificates Have Expired

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Users sometimes notice that one or more of the files they are installing on their systems have been signed with an expired digital certificate and contact us asking for new copies.


No Action Required

This is not a fault. The expired certificate will have no impact on your use of the products. If there is a fault then something else is causing it.



All of our files are signed with our current certificate at the time they are produced. The files are time-stamped as part of the signing process and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a file that has been signed with a now expired certificate, providing that the certificate was current at the moment the file was signed. This is as it should be, otherwise you would need to download new copies of everything, just because a developer's certificate expired - which they all do eventually.


Most of our files are updated fairly regularly, so the vast majority of them will have been signed with our current, up-to-date certificate. Some of the files will not have been updated for a while so were last signed with the old certificate. This will have no impact on your use of the software.


Windows will have no trouble with the expired certificate from a practical point of view