Statistical Functions

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Statistical functions are designed to operate on data parameters and operate on all possible values of the parameters at one time. For example, if you define the following data parameter.




$p will contain twelve numbers selected from a distribution with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10. It might contain...


46.92, 65.98, 38.77, 75.58, 39.15, 58.46, 68.3, 65, 47.79, 50.01, 57.12, 59.77


We can use the inline calculator's statistical functions to analyze this data.


{mean($p)} would return  56.070833 and {iqr($p)} would return 18.135


Note that the statistical functions operate on all of the values in the data parameter.


You can also use statistical functions on subsets of a data parameter by using reference ranges.


{mean($p[1,6])} would return 54.143333


If you data is not in a parameter, you can also list all values out manually.


{mean("1,2,4,31")} would return 9.5