Technical Details

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Port and Protocol

Efofex products communicate with our servers by use of simple http post requests through port 80. This is exactly the same process that browsers use to load web pages so it is extremely unlikely to be blocked on a system wide level. No special ports or protocols are required. All interaction is through two php files.


You can visit these pages through your web-browser to test if the servers are active. You can use this to determine if the connectivity issue is a site based issue or an application white-list issue.



Domain White-Listing

Domain white-listing may be useful in working with proxies. All interaction occurs through our two domains, (deprecated) and If your web browser can visit and but one of our products cannot, it is likely that our product has not been placed on an application white-list.



Data Requirements


When downloading registration information from our registration server, data packets are about 0.3kB in size.
When syncing graphics, the average graphic size is about 1kB. Most graphics are only synced once.


Data requirements for the use of Modern Mode graphics are trivial and should have minimal impact on your Internet link even if large numbers of users are using the software.



Efofex products will use any system wide proxies that are in place. They do not have the capability of using a dedicated proxy and a dedicated proxy should not be needed for normal use.